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Corruption is rife in Family Courts. It is a money making merry-go-round where Solicitors, Barristers, Magistrates, Social Workers, Judges and medical professionals have a financial interest to keep cases ongoing, in doing so they are abusing children and parents.


Many fathers go to court to get justice for themselves and their children. All they want to do is to see their children. Instead, they get emotionally battered by an abusive sexist governmental body called Cafcass. Cafcass stands for ‘Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service’. This organisation is anti-male (mysandrist) and routinely lies to courts to remove fathers from children's lives, permamentaly if possible as Cafcass are gender bias and anti male.

Cafcass are an insidious organisation who pretend to work in the best interests of children. Instead they lie in court to force fathers out of childrens lives. They commit crimes to ensure children are left with abusive mothers. Contact denial and Parental Alienation is child abuse supported by family courts.

TIP: Covertly record everything, especially when on the phone or meeting with Cafcass

Solicitors are particularly clever at working the system in order to profit from the misery of others - especially the abuse of children. They encourage perpetual conflict by sending hateful letters and generally abuse fathers with false statements. Keeping a child in an abusive situation increases their profit, much of which comes from the tax payer in the form of legal aid. It is in the solicitors financial interest to encourage false allegations of domestic violence as this enables toxic women to get legal aid. DFA Law are an example of a legal company who have made false statements and assisted in the abuse of children.

This is Jenny Dutton, a Social Work Manager who supports child abusers and commits criminal acts to abuse children and fathers. She currently works from the Cafcass Coventry office.

This is Elaine Foster who works for DFA LAW in Northampton. She makes false statements and criminally harasses fathers in order to abuse children for money. Through their actions they have left children in abuse and broken the ‘Solicitors Regulation Authority’ code of conduct.

Corrupt Solicitors - DFA LAW of Northampton

Video of DFA LAW Partner - Mark Brown - Shows no remorse.

PCSO Craig Mathews of Northamptonshire Police

This is Craig Mathews who is a community Police Officer for Northamptonshire Police. Craig Mathews has used his position to pervert the course of justice, committed Perjury and Contempt of court in order to help the abuse of children.

Lawbreakers cannot be Lawmakers!

Do we really want corrupt Police Officers patrolling our streets?